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We are closing our Coffee and Bistro locality on 1. of February 2021.

Our company will concentrate on catering and the distribution of

Scandinavian delicacies. Because our family roots are in Sweden we will spend some more time up north especially during the summer months.

Based in Switzerland we’ll offer catering for smaller groups up to ca 30 Persons.

We’ll still offer our popular hot and cold smoked Salmon,

Game meat (from Reindeer and Elk) and Herring.

And to please all fans of our delicious Cinnamon Rolls we’ll bake them for a minimum order of 26. You can easily freeze them in and take one after another out and bake them up to enjoy oven fresh Cinnamon Rolls whenever you want.

Deliveries or pick up after agreement.

We’re looking forward hearing from You!

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